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Cloud Storage has made it possible  Instead of the conventional approach of storing documents for your laptop (or a USB force) you save them to “the cloud”.

Cloud Storage Come with a lot of benefits as you are in a position to store files which include, pictures, music, and documents, and be in a position to access any gadget like cellphones, tablet, and even Laptop regardless of the Location. When Sharing these stored files with anyone a link can just be shared rather than having to share an attachment which consumes memory and delays the email reaching the receiver.

Security of the Files is assured as all cloud storage offering providers ensure all loopholes are sealed and your data is in safe hands. We are going to look at those Cloud storage providers to understand their advantages and disadvantages before you as a user decide to settle on one of them.

Top Cloud Storage providers

1. Google One

Google Drive is the Best storage provider, They give out 15GB of free storage for the Standard user, once you exceed the 15GB limit you can upgrade the services as per your choice via Google One service, Which is 100GB ($1.99 per month) 200GB($2.99 per month),2TB($9.99 Per Month and 3TB ($299.99 per month.

Google Drive can be used to store/backup documents, videos, and music video/mp3, and any other thing to keep for future access.it is easy to use and accessing files is not restricted to a specific device, users can use Windows apps, Mac, iOS, and android. Google one also allows Sharing of up to Five Users, It Has Proven to be a reliable, affordable cloud storage service.

2. One Drive

One Drive is a Cloud Storage Service that is integrated into Microsoft Onedrive, The first Tier is usually 5GB free. One Drive allows backing up of photos, documents, and Files. The Files can be accessed using the one drive app available on iOS, Android, Windows Onedrive, and Mac via the app Microsoft 365.

One Drive Premium 100GB of storage costs $1.99 per month and to access the office up you will be required to sign up for Microsoft 365.. Content in the drive can be accessed from any device via the one drive-supported application. One drive is the Best Choice when using Windows Operating System.

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