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An eSIM is a small digital SIM embedded in many supported smartphones, tablets, and wearables. An iPhone with dual SIM Capabilities can support two lines one being the physical SIM and the other one being the eSIM, It really assists those who travel a lot as they can have one local physical SIM and when visiting a country just get the other line as an eSIM although eSIMs usually vary depending on the carrier and the region.

The e-SIM is used to connect to the network without the need for a physical sim card. Some of iPhone e-SIM supports include iPhone 13 Max,iPhone 13 Pro,iPhone 13, and iPhone 13 mini. These Phones support adding two e-SIMs or mixing using the nano-SIM and an e-SIM for iPhone products iPhone 12 models, iPhone 11 models, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR Dual SIM feature a nano-SIM and an e-SIM.

Factors to Note when getting eSIM.

  • You should check with your carrier if the eSIMs services are supported and compatible with the iPhone model.
  • Activation requirements include downloading the carrier profile to your phone either through a website or by scanning a QR code.
  • Dual SIM functionality on the same device allows you to separate either business and personal lines
  • eSIMs have limitations when it comes to roaming, some international carriers may not be supporting eSIMs, especially when traveling to another country

Carriers that Support eSIMs on iPhones.

not all carriers support eSIM on phones, below are some of the carriers that support it in their countries:

  1. AT&T in the United States
  2. Verizon Wireless in the United States
  3. T-Mobile in the United States
  4. Orange in France
  5. Deutsche Telekom in Germany
  6. Vodafone in the United Kingdom and other countries
  7. Etisalat in the United Arab Emirates
  8. Airtel in India
  9. China Mobile in China
  10. SoftBank in Japan
  11. Three in the United Kingdom
  12. Telstra in Australia
  13. Singtel in Singapore
  14. Bell Mobility in Canada
  15. Rogers Wireless in Canada
  16. Telus Mobility in Canada
  17. Optus in Australia
  18. Swisscom in Switzerland
  19. A1 Telekom in Austria
  20. Telenor in Norway and other countries

We always recommend you check their website or contact their customer support. Keep in mind that not all iPhone models may be compatible with eSIM services, so it’s important to check your specific phone’s capabilities.

Using the Dual SIM in iPhone

Using the Duayou can choose to use one number for business and the other for personal calls, to use the e-SIM you are required to activate the service from the wireless provider that supports examples include Vodafone, MTN varies based on the country you are in

iOS 13 and later versions allow users to make and receive voice and video calls as well as send messages using iMessage, SMS, and MMS, when you want to use 5G with Dual SIM on iPhone 12 mini/pro/pro max you required to have iOS 14.5 and later


The main advantage of an eSIM is the convenience and flexibility as you can switch carriers or change plans without having to physically swap SIM cards.eSIM currently is supported by so many carries in the world including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, and Vodafone, among others

Safaricom is the Company in Kenya that supports eSIMs for iPhone Customers to enjoy the flexibility of eSIMs and Switch between data plans as well as roaming packages from the phone.eSIM is a great option and beneficial for people who value convenience and flexibility in their data plans.


To be able to use e-SIM from two different carriers the iPhone must be unlocked, if not the e-SIM carrier should be from the same wireless provider. Also, the plans vary based on your carrier, and for more support or to get to know the feature you have to contact the company administrator

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