How to Connect M-Pesa and PayPal

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Safaricom and Paypal Collaboration have enabled many customers to carry out transactions between their accounts. To use this service you need to first have an account with PayPal, can sign to PayPal by clicking here. After Signing up and creating an account add your M-PESA Number and you will get a code to verify the ownership of the Number, now you are ready to transact.

How to Withdraw From PayPal Account To M-PESA

1. Visit this link https://www.paypal-mobilemoney.com/m-pesa and sign in using the PayPal account     that is linked to your Safaricom Number
2. Enter the amount you wish to Withdraw in USD and you will be redirected and shown the equivalent you will get in Kenya Shillings
3. Confirm Withdrawal of funds and proceed

4. Withdrawal of funds from PayPal usually takes between 2hrs, but if large amounts it may take a longer time. When the funds delay PayPal might be doing Background checks so you need to be patient.

Deposit to PayPal From M-PESA

1. Calculate the Kenya shillings amount to convert to dollars into your Paypal Account
2. Go to M_PESA >>Lipa na M_PESA>>>PayBill.
3. Enter 800088 as your Business Number and for the Account enter your Phone number that is linked to the Paypal account you are depositing money to.
4. The money will reflect on your Paypal Account.
There Is a fee that PayPal Charges for Deposit and withdrawals as explained below
  • Withdrawals:-PayPal Charges 3% as a conversion fee of the amount You withdraw
  • Depositing:-For top-up you get charged 4% as a conversion fee of the Amount Topped up also regular M_PESA charges will apply for Normal Paybill Transaction, check on Terms and Conditions

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