How safe Is our ATM Cards Visa/MasterCard

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An ATM is an electronic telecommunication device that allows us the consumers have access to our banks by withdrawing or even depositing cash on these devices without having to interact with a human vendor.

An ATM was made so as to make the banks activities easily accessible to the customers. Using these machines should be convenient, enjoyable, and safe and assure us of the safety of our the post am going to take you through the various ways that we can do in order to keep our money in the bank safe from hackers.

You may have been hearing stories of people losing their money in the accounts not that they withdraw themselves but these activities are being done without them knowing. Did you know that if one has access to your card they can easily make payments in an e commerce website using your credit card without much hustle?

Take a case I want to pay for utility fee like in Kenya E-citizen, it will allow me enter the card number then ask for the three security numbers behind your card and to be surprised the deductions from your card will have been carried out. That was just one case, there are many other ways that people exploit these weakness to steal your money

To avoid these are the tips you need to know in ensuring your safety of your card

ü  Protect your card from falling to the wrong hands, keep your card just as if you were keeping your cash in the pocket, it should be in a place where the malicious people are not able to see since they can easily copy the card number and the three security numbers.

ü  You are expected to safe guard your own (Personal Identification Number) PIN, some of the ways to do this is by

o   We are not supposed to share these secret pin with anyone.

o   Avoid writing the pin on the card or keeping the PIN with the card on the wallet instead we are supposed to keep separately and if possible please cram the PIN number and destroy the paper having your pin in shredder or by burning.

ü  We should set PINs that are not too obvious to the people around us. All numbers easily identified by those around you should be avoided like the use of date of birth, your high school registration number and any other numbers that can easily be noted because using these will compromise the security of our ATM.


Finally always be cautious in case you notice something unusual with the use of your ATM cards. Of late thieves have defined a new way of attaching devices on ATM machines that capture your card information for later replication, if by chance you notice unusual thing with card reader please report immediately, also when your card gets lost you are supposed to report to your bank so that they can block that card from being used to carry out transactions in your account. Prevention is better than cure.

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