How to clear the cache on your Samsung A Series to free up space and run efficiently

You Might Have experienced a situation where your Samsung A Series is running out of storage and not running efficiently as you bought it. One of the Causes could be your Cache which stores temporary files for the apps is being heavily used

Explained in this article is how to clear this app memory usage issue, Always choose the option of clear cache because a mistake you click on clear Data means all information including what you have like login and any data will be lost
so always to avoid losing data clearing the cache is advised.

Step by Step on How to clear the cache of a specific app on a Samsung A series

  1. Start the Settings app.
  2. Tap the “Apps.” option,
  3. On the Apps page, tap on the app you wish to clear the Cache then a detailed page opens, and tap on “Storage.”
  4. On the Storage page, tap on the “Clear Cache.” options Note that you need to avoid tapping on clear data as you will lose all the information.


The temporary space occupied by the app data will have been cleared and you will have secured more space to use

NOTE:-Be careful not to tap “Clear data,” or you will erase the app’s data and sets the app to its default mode when you just installed it, any personal data will be lost in the process

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