How to identify the threats We Face With Web Applications

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It is our task as web application developers and programmers to ensure that data is kept safe, We should not allow an unauthorized personnel from accessing other people information as well as making changes to these information since they will be compromising on sensitive data.these are some of the ways to identify these threats.

Access to Sensitive Data and Modification

Users should only access the information that they are permitted to see and not supposed to see information from others and to what security the user hold.we should ensure that our data are not simple to access as some on e may find a way to manipulate these data for selfish example is where someone uses a victims financial account to make payment for services and goods hence making these person to lose a lot.

Data Destruction

These kind of threat is When an unauthorized user gains access to sensitive data we can find out that they will destroy these crucial data completely. The when data is destroyed it is an irreversible process and will lead to company loss of vital information.these kind of attack is not necessarily from outsiders but it can also happen from people within the system who have ill intention.

Denial of Service

These kind of threat is experienced when your server is rendered useless for a certain period of time.these kind of attack deny the authorized users from accessing a resource hence compromising on the issue of availability of information.

Malicious code injection

These is where some sort of codes get executed causing loss of information and users redirection without you noticing.Malicious code is common of late where a user post a comment in the form of a link but in reality it is a code in background where by on clicking it starts replicating itself and taking control of the system.

These code works in these manner:

  • The malicious user -provides a form or a comment entry that when clicked executes on the client side
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  • The malicious code then self manipulate s to perform the task intended to do.
  • The Next the system goes to the page redirected by the code and the malicious code and take the user to other sites.

Compromised Server

These threat we have the invaders aim is to gain access to the system and become the administrator,they will take over the computer and are in a position to manipulate any programs in place as well as execute any program they want.these people can shut down your system so that it experience a down time.

With these attack the attacker can easily seal their loop holes and hide all the evidence with their activities on their system,the easiest way to notice these is when you find some up-normal behaviors in the system.


Security starts with you,always be watch ful for the unfamiliar activities online and report to the right team to track down and clean the mess before you fall a victim of hacking only to realize your sensitive data and information have been leaked out or compromised

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