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How to Install Docker Desktop on Windows 11

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This Explains How we install Docker Desktop on Windows 11. There are some requirements for the Windows Machine to be in a position to install. We have System Requirements and then Hardware Requirements

System Requirements
1. Windows Machine that we install Docker Desktop installation should be
2. windows 11 64-bit: Home/pro/Enterprise/Education version 21H2 and higher
3. Ensure you enable the WSL 2 Windows feature

Hardware Requirements
1. 64-bit Second Level Address Translation(SLAT)
2. 4GB Ram System
3. virtualization from Bios -level must be enabled in BIOS Settings

Installation of Docker Desktop On Windows 11

If you have not Downloaded the Docker Desktop Installer.exe installer, visit Docker Hub, and download Docker Desktop Installer.exe.

  1. Double click on the Download Docker Desktop Installer.exe to start the installer and follow the prompt
  2. When a prompt appears ensure to enable Hyper-V Windows Features and any other components that you may require
  3. Follow the installation wizard and proceed to install

NOTE: Always ensure to add the user account to the docker-Users group by going to computer management as admin go to Local Users and Groups the Docker-Users then add to the group

Starting Docker Desktop in Windows 11

Here are the instructions to start Docker on your Machine

docker desktop
Starting Docker Desktop Windows 11
  1. Click on the windows logo, go to search and select Docker Desktop
  2. The Docker menu pops up, Accept all terms
  3. Tick on the check box to accept terms and continue

Finally, you have successfully installed Docker Desktop on Windows, You can click on the Demo to go through the first process of building a docker image sample on Windows.

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