How to Keep your Windows Computer Secure at Home from Malware

Many Companies since covid have been embracing work from home model. We need to be cautious to ensure keep our computers secure from malware and any hacking attempts to steal personal information. I will share some of the ways to reduce the online risk on your Windows computer at home.

Tips to Protect your Computer

Always Use a firewall
there are built-in firewalls in windows, you need to always ensure it is on.

Automatically download software updates from windows

Windows usually release updates often to fix bugs that may occur and ensure all the apps are up to date. In windows, settings ensure automatic updates for both Windows software and those from third-party are turned on as they keep fixing any vulnerabilities.

Updated Antivirus

Windows usually come installed with an antivirus feature called windows defender, it is always advisable to keep windows defender up to date so that we scan any vulnerabilities in windows.

Enforce a Strong password Policy

There is always a policy to follow regarding the choice of password, they usually recommend mixing characters, special characters, and words. This will ensure that unauthorized users will find it hard to access your computers

Avoid Suspicious attachments and links

unauthorized users can try to play tricks to gain access to your computer by sending attachments or unusual links that will install on your computer and provide access to malicious users to access your computer. It is only advisable to open links and attachments from trusted sources.

Open Sites with Valid SSL only

To avoid falling victims to malicious websites always ensure you check if it has a valid SSl.an unsecured site will install a malware site that will give unauthorized users access to your machine.

Avoid Pirated Softwares installation on your computer

External devices and any software downloaded into your computer from Pirated sites are not secure, They pose a threat to your computer as they might come bundled with malware that will compromise your computer safety.

Always ensure when serving online you avoid getting a victim. protect your money, and personal information and get a ransomware attack.

Windows Defender

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