How to Activate Safaricom PLC eSIM on Device

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An eSIM is a small virtual SIM embedded in many supported smartphones, tablets, and wearables. The eSIM is used to connect to the network without the need for a physical sim card.

Advantages of Using eSIM

  1. Users can have more than one phone number (SIMs) in a device
  2. The issue of Forgetting about SIM card loss or damage ad replacements is sorted as the eSIM is tied to the device itself
  3. Favors Frequent travelers can easily switch providers as they travel

eSIM Requirements for activation

A device that supports eSIM is needed, the currently supported device are iPhone: XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 12 & SE 2020
Samsung: S21, Z Fold & Note 20.

During the set-up process, the device needs to be connected to the Internet, For Safaricom PLC users will have to visit the Safaricom Shop near them with the device and Original identification documents such as ID, Passport. you will purchase the eSIM at KSh150 to do a SIM Swap from your physical SIM Card to eSIM. For an eSIM with a new phone number, the customer will pay KSh 250. then you are given the eSIM QR code to scan using the device

On the device, you download and install the e-SIM settings from your Safaricom Number, and once completed eSIM is now ready to use.

List of Phones that Support eSIM Currently

  1. All iPhone models from iPhone XR and later, including the iPhone 12 series, support eSIMs.
  2. Samsung Galaxy smartphones, from the Galaxy S21 series and later, support eSIMs.
  3. All Google Pixel smartphones, starting with the Pixel 2, support eSIMs.
  4. Most iPad models from iPad Pro 2018 and later, as well as the iPad Air 2020 and iPad Mini 2019, support eSIMs.
  5. Microsoft Surface devices like the Surface Pro X and Surface Go 2, support eSIMs.
  6. LG smartphones like the LG V60 ThinQ 5G, support eSIMs.
  7. OPPO X2 series and the latest, support eSIMs.

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