Safaricom M-PESA Global Pay Virtual VISA Card

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Safaricom M-PESA Global Pay Virtual VISA Card is a partnership between VISA and M-PESA to enable Safaricom M-PESA customers to access visa services from the comfort of their phones. The Virtual VISA Card is linked to an M-PESA Account and can be used anywhere to make payments online from sites offering goods and services. The card that we get is 16-digits with an expiry date and the CVV which is the security code.

The Services are available from M-PESA App which is found in the google play store and AppStore. Global websites that M-PESA Global Pay Virtual VISA Card supports include Netflix, Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, and several other international websites that support card payments, for the local websites include Jumia, Kilimall, Sky garden, and several others as long as they support visa card payment option.

How To Activate M-PESA Global Pay Virtual VISA Card

  1. Download the app for Android phones click here and for IOS phones click here
  2. Log in to the M-PESA App using the Safaricom Line you have activated M-PESA
  3. Select the Grow Tab in the App
  4. Choose the Application tab to proceed and activate the M-PESA Global Pay Virtual VISA Card service
  5. You will get an option to choose the color of the card
  6. Next, you will receive the details of the card, which include the Card Number, Expiry date, and CVV.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dial *334#
  • Select Lipa na M-PESA (Option 6)
  • Select M-PESA GlobalPay (Option 5)

For Safaricom M-PESA Global Pay Virtual VISA Card the usual M-PESA Limits of a Maximum of 150,000 per transaction and a Maximum of 300,000 applies, this figure is in Kenya shillings but usually, it is subject to change based on the KES-USD Exchange rate in the market.

Safaricom will not charge you to make payments for online purchases but they apply a 3.5% based on the prevailing forex rate to exchange from KSH which is the billing currency to the other currency when doing the transaction for example If making payments to a Kenyan currency cost is zero since no exchange rate is applied but usually local merchants are required to use LIPA na M-PESA option.

currently, Safaricom Fuliza services are not available on M-PESA Global Pay Virtual VISA Card.

CVV is used to ascertain that the person doing the transaction is the owner of the card and to avoid any fraudulent activities happening on your card. Safaricom M-PESA Global Pay Virtual VISA Card generated CVV unlike the Physical cards is only valid for 30 minutes hence preventing anyone with your details from transacting online because they have to generate another CVV for the transaction to be successful.

another enhanced security feature Safaricom M-PESA Global Pay uses is embracing Flash SMS, Flash SMS is a type of SMS that appears on the Main Screen but will not be stored like the other SMS. This further secures the VISA Credentials.

When you have an issue with the retailer or merchant, you can reach the Safaricom customer Care team via 100 for prepaid customers(free),200 for postpay customers(free), visit a Safaricom retail shop, or if contacting using a non-Safaricom number call Customer Care via 254 722 002100 (chargeable). When the issue is received by the Safaricom Team they usually contact VISA for resolution and the expected time to resolve the issue will vary based on the Kind of complaint, if the complaint is about a transaction authorization error the expected time of resolution is within 72 hrs but when an issue involves the merchant the expected resolution time should not exceed forty-five (45) Business days.


When you have any other queries you can reach out to the Safaricom team by visiting Retail Centers and care Desks(Find a shop-https://www.safaricom.co.ke/find-our-shops), dial 100 for prepaid customers,200 for postpaid customers, via 254 722 002100 from non-Safaricom number, social media handles; Twitter – @Safaricom_Care and @SafaricomPLC, Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/SafaricomPLC

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